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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received January 20, 2013
This week has brought some cool miracles. Here's a quick run down:

-We had a lady at church yesterday whose daughters had talked to the elders on the street. She could only stay for sacrament but said she liked it and loved how everything was understandable as opposed to Russian Orthodox and she wanted to come again. Awesome! So hopefully we can start teaching her for realsy.

-Saturday we had a baptism of an 8 yr old whose whole family are members. I wanted to send pics, but my camera is weird. The baptism was in a sauna in a cold pool. It was actually kind of painful to watch as it was too deep so the dad was in up to his shoulder and then the boy like clung to him but it all went smoothly and then he was confirmed sunday (again awesome since the non-member came). It was so neat to witness the baptism and confimation (and we also had the elders give a blessing to a sick less-active this week) so it was definitely one of those testimony builders of the cliche idea of the church being the same everywhere no matter what language. And that the priesthood is awesome. 

-One of our less actives has literally changed. She is super successful professionally and we didnt know how to help her. But..enter the Book of Mormon. We met this week and after our lesson, SHE asked US if we could read from the Book of Mormon together. And she picked 2 Nephi 32. It was awesome. I love the book of Mormon. It literally brings people closer to Christ like the Introduction says. 

-An investigator (kind of) came back to town after a few weeks and said my Russian has gotten better. not to sound prideful but it was a tender mercy:)

Sorry this is rather short but I love you all!  And the Book of Mormon is true and the best book ever. 

Sister Allison!

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