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Saturday, January 19, 2013

email to family January 13, 2013

Yesterday was Russia's  Old New Year, which seems like an oxymoron but its from the old calendar. Definitely not as big as New Years, but there were some random fireworks and an interesting bus ride home at night. But we lucked out enough to have a lesson planned at a members and her mom was cooking for the holiday. So we had the most delicious things I've ever tasted. It was basically delicious beef and onions wrapped halfway in dough and fried so like a scone but the dough was so good and unfortunately like all things delcious, she doesnt measure anything so I have no hope of replicating. But I've also kinda learned blenie, which is basically crepes. I'm determined to be able to learn how to make a few Russian dishes and then I can celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas and Old New Year with Russian food for the rest of my life. Who wouldn't want a longer holiday season? 

With our new goal of teaching "other lessons", we have been meeting more with less active and active members. I definitely think its good for my language but it does feel a little strange to not be on the street as much. I see why President wants us to do it though...We literally cant be outside for more than 45 minutes or so and people don't really want to stop and talk and I don't blame them! so during our training a few weeks ago President talked about how we need to become better teachers so we know how to teach when we have investigators. We counted up the ladies in the branch who we at least have contact with and there are 25 or so less active women that have at least been nice to us. So we are determined to build up the Relief Society, which would make a huge difference and help when we brought investigators to church etc. And the members are awesome at helping! Saturday was Missionary Saturday again, so Sis Huber and I went with our 1st Counselor/ward mission leader to go visit a 14 yr old girl who got baptized in Spring. (Intro to Russian apts, most apts have codes on the door to the stairwell, like gated communites where you call people and they let you in. The one I live in has 10 metal buttons that you press the right ones to let you in, so no phone. And then you have missionaries' least favorite, doors that just use keys. And this girl lives in one of these, so we always stop by and then cant do anything.) So same story Sat. and Sis huber and I kind of look at each other like "now what" but Bro Victor was already going around knocking on peoples windows til someone answered and he asked them to open. Sounds super simple and we had joked about doing it but leave it to the Russian to get it done. I know, we're such girls. Anyway we finally met her, and then she came to church Sunday and we are going to a members to have an FHE with her tonight. Hopefully we can help her and if anything we are 2 girls closer to her age than any of the other members. 

We have also been visiting a lady from English Club who is super nice and we are kind of going to start practicing the lessons with her. She super believes in God and that he has a plan for her, and when she gets baptized she'll have an awesome story about how she was led to english practice/church after looking for it and running into elders on the street, we just need to help her realize that just cuz we are young we can help her. So any advice on teaching someone who thinks she is teaching us I'm open to it. Really being missionary is so much more than teaching the lessons (although thats the only place to start Dad!) I meet so many nice people every day and wish they could understand how much better their lives could be. I think I'm learning more and more how much this gospel has blessed my life and how I literally would be nowhere without my testimony. Every single thing we teach makes people so much happier if they understand and embrace it. And then I look at myself and realize I could learn just as from myself if I would embrace stuff. I know that following God's will is literally the easiest and happiest way we can live life! And he wants us to be happy! Missions are awesome and I'm learning so much more about myself and the gospel than I even thought I could learn. I love you all and hang in there during the cold Utah and AZ winters:)

Sister Allison 

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