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Monday, July 29, 2013

email received March 17, 2013

Yesterday was the last day of maclaneitza! Basically today is supposed to be the end of winter....They celebrate by eating blenie/crepes. I'm down. Its also the start of our version of lent since easter here is 2 weeks later than in America. Fun fact. Anyway I'm not even going to read over my email from last week but surely it was overdramatic and annoying. Before going to email I told my self I should be calm collected and positive and then my fingers just started going... Sowwy... But life is great here. Seriously if there is anything to cure what you think to be a weakness in the language just live with a Russian. I will admit I may start going through advil a little faster but all in all its good. Her name is Sister Darjeava and she is from Ulan-Ude, been a member for 5 years.  Hold on I need to back up. 

Ok this week was quite strange. Monday after I wrote you Sister Huber wasn't feeling well so we went and she slept all day and we stayed home at night. Then Tuesday we went to District meeting and then she wasn't doing so well so back home. Wed we tried going out, met with a member, then at the church Sister Slava-doctor- was like "this isnt funny. you are seriously sick," she thinks she had a sinus infection, so she wrote a prescription for some shots and we had to stay inside the next few days, and she would come over to give her shots,. Not fun. I think we underestimated what its like to be sick in the cold. We always rolled our eyes when people told us they were sick for like 5 days in a row but now I understand. Walking and taking buses etc is rough if you arent healthy. Sister Huber still isnt doing so well but soon she'll be in the sunny states with english speaking doctors.  

Anyway, so Thursday night, the Brintons and Aps came to town and then saturday morning my comp flew in. We all went to the church in the morning for training, which was awesome. We have been called to build a stake here in the Vlad mission, so we focused  a lot on working with members, less-actives, increasing the quality and quantity of baptisms, basically how to get real growth and retention. he based it all off of the story of Nephi building the boat and how the Lord can teach us how to do things that either seem impossible or unrealistic or that we really just don't know how to do. So there you go, its happening. We're building a stake. Then we headed off to the baptism of Edward, a miracle from Heavenly Father.  He is the friend of an eternal investigator, came to church 2 weeks ago and wanted to get baptized after sacrament meeting. he also came with his friend Margarita...

Cue music. So margarita came with him, she is 75 and goes to some christian church called "Love". She asked a ton of questions when we met with her sunday and we met with her again Thursday. After teaching the 1st lesson which was hard b/c a lot of questions, it ended on a not so hot note. She really didn't like the idea of being baptized again and we should just leave her alone, etc. It was a crushing blow I decided to leave out. The week before last was quite emotionally draining...Anyway, we asked Edward to invite her to church again when he got confimed and he did and told us she had something else but if she could would try and make it. She came and loved it again, and after told us that she felt like she needed to come today instead of going to her church. She left after talking with members for an hour after church and while we were meeting with someone came back and started talking to the elders about if it was really ok to be baptized again etc. So we have a lesson with her tonight! Say a prayer or two for her! 

It is very evident that the Lord is aware of the work here in Khabarovsk and that really it is only the Holy Ghost that can change people's hearts. I know that miracles happen and that no matter what happens tonight or this week, I know that

Relief Society Sisters including Mission President's Wife, Sister Brinton
through the Atonement the Lord really does make up for our weaknesses and help us become better than we can be otherwise. This is the greatest work on Earth and I'm so grateful to play a tiny tiny role in it!!
Gentleman in Khabarovsk before his baptism.
Amber wearing her new fur coat.  Now she looks like a Russian.
Sister Huber's last Sunday in Russia

I love you all!
Sister Allison

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