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Monday, July 29, 2013

email received April 14, 2013

I'm Officially Old. . .
Not just because I'm 22 either. Today I bought new boots and at first was kinda bummed that they weren't as comfy as my old ones. Which look like I've been mucking horse stalls. Then I realized that its because I needed to move my Dr. Scholls over. End of story. 

Anyway, my bday was excellent! And Crystal they do celebrate here. Maybe more low key, not many presents but english club sang happy birthday to me. And they are great at wishing people the best. Like they say "happy birthday, I wish you health and happiness and luck and I wish you and your friends and you family the best year and i hope.....etc etc" its awkward sometimes. 

As far as conference, I loved it! Sister Ferguson and I are still trying to work hard and find new people to teach and help those we are already teaching to progress. It has been a good transition and we are trying to refocus our goals on what matters most. I think my motto for now is trying to seek growth oppurtunities and not shy away from experiences that may not come naturally. I love doing missionary work and teaching and helping everyone we talk to! Yesterday I talked to a guy on the bus who surprisingly asked "there's a prophet today?" And it was so cool, especially with conference earlier that day, to say "yes!" gotta go but  I love you all! 

Love you all!

Sister Allison

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