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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received February 25, 2013

Hello family! This may be short but just so you all know I'm still alive and doing well! We had an awesome week as far as being able to meet with a lot of people and find 2 new investigators. One is a 21 year old girl who is super smart and asks a LOT of questions but thinks about the answers. We met with her yesterday and I think she understands the importance of the Book of Mormon and why we are here as missionaries and the need for her to pray and find out if its true. Which if she does, she will receive her answer! So that was a blessing. We also met with a girl we met at English Club, and while I can't remember the name, believes like Native Americans, like fire spirits, water spirits, the Great Spirit, etc. But she asks good questions and is willing to meet again! I definitely had to brush up on how to teach people without a Christian background. And will have to work on my Russian even more in explaining different concepts. I have gotten much more comfortable teaching the first lesson and teaching the 5-minute version but haven't really had the opportunity to break everything down on that basic of a level so it will be good for me. And will probably even help me teach people with a Christain background more clearly. 

Our letter from President this week was all about sticking to the lessons from Preach my Gospel, teaching how the apostles and prophet and the Lord want to teach, teaching every point, etc. Which is interesting doing this with members. Its neat to see that while these members have heard these lessons many times before, it really does strengthen their faith. We were going to teach an investigator who isn't really progressing and we were going to focus on the Savior and Baptism and then after reading the letter decided to teach her lesson 3. And it was neat to see how what we talked about with faith really seemed to connect with her. I'm grateful for inspired counsel. Everyday, I can see the Lord's hand in the work here. Whether we are seeing "success" that I can report on, it is super clear that Heavenly Father is aware of me and aware of every single person we meet. We were meeting with a lady and her daughter who have worked with missionaries for years and tried watching Finding Faith in Christ with her. They weren't paying much attention but while we were watching it, I got the overwhelming feeling that Heavenly Father was aware that Sister Huber and I were sitting in a random room with 2 of His daughters trying to help them come closer to Christ. Which is super cool. Anyway, I love my mission, I love the people I serve, I love the members, I love Sister Huber, I love you all, there is just a lot of love going on here in Xabarovsk. And on that note, I love you all, pray that you are all doing well, and hope you have an awesome week!

Sister Allison

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