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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received February 3, 2013

Last week I forgot to mention, that there were 5 baptisms in our
mission, one with Sister Christensen and one with Elder Schneider!
It is hard at times when I feel like we
haven't made much progress since we've been here but Heavenly Father
always gives us miracles each and every day. Saturday I started a fast
to find a progressing investigator. We have a few people we meet with,
but none of them are really progressing and we got on a bus and some
girl came up to Sister Huber and said she looked cool. She wasnt fully
sober so we couldnt do much but she did talk about how she knew she
needed to change, etc. We couldnt get a hold of her Sunday but she
called us back at night and said she was super sorry and we could meet
up today or tonight. So I'm praying that everything works out and that
she really is interested. It's obvious that she needs the gospel so we
just need to help her see this! Regardless of whether she is ready and
will accept the gospel, I'm grateful that I can see the Lord's hand in
our work everyday here and He always reassures me that we aren't doing
this alone.

We also had another cool experience with an inactive who we visited
who was so much warmer than usual and when we asked her if she was
reading the Book of Mormon she said yes!! She still has to deal with
work but said she could at least come half the Sundays this month and
asked if she could plan a RS activity. What?! I have seen how the Book 
of Mormon literally changes people and if we read everyday, even just 
a chapter or 5 minutes, our lives are so much better!

Oh and I dont know if I mentioned that our branch pres and wife moved
to Vlad so our new pres is Pres. Karus, the dad of the boy who got
baptized. Hes been in the branch for awhile and even all the inactives
know who he is so i think it will be really good. Oh another miracle,
we bought a new phone and put our sim card in, which is the same card
that's been in the city forever, and there was an inactive's cell number
in the phone who had moved and we had no idea where she was. And she
answered and lives super close to us, like a few blocks away! She was
super nice and young and is going to Moscow for work but i have high
hopes for her. But miracle that we randomly had her number again!!

I know Heavenly Father is aware of each and every one of us every
single day and He really does hear all of our prayers!! I love you

Sister Allison

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