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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received February 17, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! And happy mens day!!

On the 23rd of Feb in Russia is Protectors Day or something like that, which I think started as celebrating veterans kind of but turned into man's day basically like fathers day i would guess. Fun fact for you. This week was pretty uneventful. 2 of the investigators we were excited about have kind of pittled out:( Which seems to be happening more often than I would like and we're not sure how to change it. My 2 second diagnosis of Russia. There really aren't many other options besides Russian Orthodox and its all very political so most people aren't super religious and don't question things and don't care much. So a lot of times they meet with us and they seem interested but then not really. I know there are so many people here ready for the gospel who need it and we are just trying to find them! We did stop by a potential last night who was super cool and was talking all about things that she has seen that are wrong in religion, basically which the Restoration answers so we are meeting with her next weekend. Send a prayer our way:) We did have 9 ladies at relief society yesterday, which is the most since I've been here! Our RS pres has always had the goal of 10, so almost there!   Some things we are trying to implement here are using more, we may even get cards eventually! But we showed I'm a Mormon messages to a less active and her mom and the mom loved it so maybe we'll just start our own media campaign here in Russia! Friday we are having pancake night at the church haha (sometimes i feel like I'm a singles ward activity committee) and gave fliers to everyone to pass out. Really we are just trying to be creative to get the work going here! 2 cities are opening back up in our mission this week which is a lot sooner than we thought which is sweet. Enough about my random thoughts on missionary work in Xab. This week has just been a super evaluative (not a word) week as there was just a zone leader conference and we're all brainstorming ideas of how to get the ball rolling! 

I did end up buying a new coat last pday. no pics since we're emailing from a library but its beige with fur on the hood. I look Russian now basically. Definitely not as warm i dont think as crystals, it's a little shorter but its cute and should work so i don't stick out when it starts warming up a bit too. 

Anyway, sorry this is a super random email but I love you all and you are all awesome! In the Liahona last month there was an awesome quote from Elder Maxwell about how God would have planned the star in orbit for Christ birth thousands of years before and how he would know each of us and how each of us are in our family for a reason. It's true. You all are such examples and help me everyday, even all the way in Russia:) I love you all! And happy mens day boys!

Sister Allison

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