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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received March 10, 2013

Hello fam,
Sorry I didnt have much time to write each of you but I thought I should leave time to tell you the latest news that I heard...So we all know Sister Huber is leaving next week and no one knew what was happening to me since transfers aren't for 2 more weeks. So our DL called president last night and told me that they are flying in this weekend and Sister Huber is going to Vlad with them (unexpected, we just figured I would go with her and then they would send me back with someone) and Saturday night, a mini-missionary from Ulan-Ude is flying in to be my companion for 2 weeks! I should be embarressed to say this but we all know Sister Allison and stressful situations, I think there were tears before Sister Huber got off the phone hahaha not like this was shocking news its just happening a little faster than I had mentally prepared my self for. So as of Sunday, it will be me and a Russian who hasnt been to the MTC. Besides the fact that I'm freaking out about my Russian, which Sister Huber assures me this is when you really see the gift of tongues, like He gives it to you when you actually need it, I'm starting to freak out about everything else!! Like how I don't even know doctrine or scriptures well enough or how to decide what to do when something falls through, or how to blah blah blah Sister Huber just laughed. Which I was too. I know, I know I'm ridiculous. When we were going to bed Sis Huber asked how I was doing and I said "I don't think I'm going to die. So I'll be fine" Which of course just made her laugh again. Im not sure why. No, really, I know I'll be fine, I just try not to think about it haha. I can look at this as a cool fulfillment of prophecy though. The Lord sends the weak to preach His gospel, right? Bam, right here. Haha. I really don't mean to make light of the situation but we all know how I smile to cope with things. Anyway, in PMG it says that we shouldn't have confidence in ourselves, we should have confidence in the Savior and His Atonement so I'm trying to keep that in mind.
Sorry not much about the week but keep us in your prayers. Love you all!!
Sister Allison

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