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Monday, July 29, 2013

email received March 24, 2013

First Haircut in Russia
I thought i would take advantage of the fact that i'm with a russian companion and she could talk for me. I just wanted my hair thinned out and the lady asked me from where and I thought she wanted to just cut chunks of my hair out. I was scared to say the least but I still have hair don't worry. 

This week has been good, I do feel like I've learned more Russian this week than my whole mission combined! It is a little draining at times not being able to say exactly what i want with the right connotation but it works. I eat a lot differently than i did before, lots of bread and potatoes carbs in general. So I'm not sure how long my body can keep that up....

As far as things with our investigator margarita, she still loves church and we met with her a few times but on sunday she basically said she has lived 75 years thinking one way and doesnt want to change. I think she will still be willing to meet with us, teaching just might be slower than I thought so I'm learning patience. I keep thinking I'm getting better at that trait but apparently not:) But church was awesome yesterday! 29 people 2 weeks in a row! as far as my first week without sis huber, it was a smoother transition than i thought. Definitely stressful but I'm still alive and smiling and preaching the gospel!!  Really this is the greatest adventure ever and while its hard its so fun too! And I think Heavenly Father wants it to be that way. Like life. Lots of curveballs and tough mudder obstacles but find joy in the journey right! Life is good, I love you all and happy easter!

Sister Allison

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