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Sunday, July 28, 2013

email received March 3, 2013
So spring is finally here in Khab! It still snowed again this week but its melitng too. I'm seeing some sidewalks for the first time! And the church gets super muddy. The weather is so nice!! Its still cold and my hands still get cold but I think I may go down to wearing one hat (I've been layering two beanies) and you can actually feel sun which is nice. Sis Huber and I have run a few times in the morning and I just wear long socks, leggings, pants, thermal top t-shirts, hoody, gloves, scarf and hats and hood. And its super fun! Its a nice change of pace from the stairs! 

We haven't been able to meet with our investigators this week because of busy schedules at work, etc. Which is a bummer because we don't want to lose momentum. But we are going to obviously keep trying! We had two investigators at church yesterday, which makes the whole meeting feel better. Heavenly Father is definitely blessing us and continues to bless us as we have faith and work hard. It seemed like we wouldn't be able to reach some of our goals this week and then things kind of just fell into place yesterday. So I'm grateful for Him and love seeing miracles everyday here. I'm learning so much about goals on my mission and especially lately as we have tried to push ourselves.  I am understanding more and more the idea of having names behind goals. And so many times by the end of the week the names behind the goals have changed but i know that as I focus on moving the work forward here Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture and can help us accomplish things in ways other than we have planned. 

That's it for now but I love you all and you're all in my prayers! Thanks for all the encouraging emails:) They brighten my day! Know that I love it here and I love the people! I know this is the Lord's church and the Lords work and I'm so grateful to be a part of it! I love you!

Sister Allison

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