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Thursday, January 10, 2013

 email received Dec. 16, 2012

Hello family!

As for the week, it has been another good one! I had my first "first lesson" haha with a girl who met with missionaries about a year ago and the lesson started with her asking about the end of the world. Is that something people are concerned about in the US? But eventually we were able to get it back on the right track. We pray that she actually wants to know truth and isn't just curious about asking random questions about energy and stuff like that. We are continuing to teach the 9 yr old. And when we came back the time after singing "once there was a snowman" she had it all memorized! So we promised to find another fun one for her. Some of the songs dont work quite as well with the translations but we figured we can just make up hand motions and she wont know the difference. 

On Saturday, the branch had Missionary Saturday where all the members were supposed to show up at 4 and help us visit less-actives and talk to people in the streets. Well...President and his wife were there. After he had cleaned the whole building, which I'm pretty sure he does every week. 2 of our elders weren't going to come if there werent enough elders so they didnt have to use time going to the church but he called them to come and 6 missionaries and the president and his wife opened with a song and prayer and spiritual thought. At first, i smiled to think we had some one conducting music and everything but then I realized how much this man was magnifying his calling. He pointed out that while there werent many members, it was still a special day because it was "misssionary saturday" and we should treat it as such when we were talking to people. Basically, he's awesome. Later, Sis C showed up to help us teach a less active but when she didnt show up, Sis C was game to go contacting with us! In super cold weather. And it totally went better than when its just Sis Huber and I. She can be your typical bold, firery Russian and we testify about how our message was NEEDED! It was so fun! Im not sure we could have her do it again soon since her feet were frozed by the end but thats ok. Someone at English Club told me it would start getting cold this week. I'm not sure what they call what its been...

I think thats about all but know that I love you all! And while there isn't much of an all-around Christmas Spirit here (its the music they're missing out on, seriously) I know we celebrate Christs birth and that by focusing on that, we will be so much happier! I'm so grateful for all of you and to know that Christ is my Savior and the Savior to all who don't even realize it. Love you all! (Talk to you next week, noon my time!)

Sister Allison

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