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Thursday, January 10, 2013

email received Nov. 14, 2012

Hello all!

Another week down and another week closer to Russia! This week we sent off all the missionaries going to moscow and Ukraine which means two of my good friends Sister Snell and Sister Pharris. It's sad to see them go but more exciting to think they are actually in the field and will be teaching real Russians today or tomorrow! We got up early to see them off tuesday, which meant for a long day from lack of sleep but it was fun.

This week we had the chance to meet two of our Senior Couples going to Vlad. We ran into the Walkers in the cafeteria, and we've been trying our whole time to meet any of them going to our mission. They came up to our class later and we pulled all 10 or so missionaries going to Vlad from the other districts and they talked to us for a few minutes. They said they would be CES missionaries traveling to all of the cities setting up Youth After Hour programs or something. I guess they have them in Europe, a place after institute where YSAs can hang out, do homework, etc They were so energetic and enthusiastic, and said they've been skyping with the Brintons, and were just so excited to serve with us and take care of us!

Last Friday was In-Field Orientation. While we're not leaving they had us to all the departure activities to stay on schedule. It was a little anti-climatic knowing we were actually going to be on a plane soon like they kept saying but it was a good reminder and good tips on working with members and tips like that. Then Sunday we had our last combined District Meeting with the other district in our zone where they went over different white-handbook rules about not being able to pick up children(sad:( but i guess legal stuff makes sense). Sister Esplin of the Primary Presidency came to Relief Society, and tender mercy of the Lord, she talked all about her recent trip to Russia! She went to St. Petersburg and Yekaturinburg and road the train with member to the temple in Kiev. So she experienced a lot of Russia and met a lot of members and said they are all converts and cant wait to share their conversion story with you. She talked about how her driver told her people would think she was crazy because she smiled so much but she said, its ok if they think that, I'm gonna smile anyway! So that's happening. Later Sunday night, we had our departure devotional with the presidency of the MTC and they had people stand up when they called your country or state. Because all the Russians come in every 6 weeks there were 3 whole rows of us and everyone was shocked. Gotta love it! 

We have also met the Knigards (not sure how to spell that) another couple going to our mission. They aren't actually missionaries yet but they come for a week of language training and leave in dec. So if i'm worried about my Russian I just need to remember some people go with a lot less than me. Last night, Elder Foster spoke at our devotional and talked about John Tanner who donated a bunch of money to the church in its early days. It was an awesome story of faith and living a consecrated life. He also gave us the tip to pray every night like its our last night as a missionary and he promised that would help us not waste any time as missionaries and would improve our selves every day. Which I think is good advice for life in general. As you all know, I tend to procrastinate occasionally...But I know through the Atonement of Christ we can be better with His help than we can be on our own and accomplish more than we can on our own. I'm so grateful to be at the MTC right now and to be blessed with an awesome family! I love you all! And happy thanksgiving prep!

Sister Allison

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