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Thursday, January 10, 2013

email received Jan. 6, 2013

Today is Christmas in Russia! I'm definitely celbrating 2 Christmases forever. It will be my excuse for another holiday like 3 Kings Day:) At 11, we went to a kids activity at the church where theyhad the Russian version of Santa Claus and his grandaughter. There were 3 kids there so small but they had fun. There was 1 friend of a member who brought her daughter and she said she would come to English Club so maybe something good will come of it. Thats probably the biggest thing we have to do with a lot of people is build a relationship with people, through activities and english club. People here are super wary so in time I like to think a lof of the people we know here will get it and be awesome members.

New Years was rather uneventful. We heard fireworks, I finished the Book of Mormon!, we set goals about how to have the Spirit in our companionship more, made delicious pizza, and ate way too much candy, and even bought a pint of baskin robbins cookies and cream! Unfortunately i didnt eat much ice cream and the next day we gave it to our elders b/c we are going off suger at our house. We decided its ok with others cuz so many offer you tea and cookies but we would get rid of stuff at our place. New Years day we just handed out a bunch of english club cards. and i only know when someone is drunk when they smell like it, so it took me awhile to figure out why everyone was so happy and receptive...So maybe i am a little sheltered...So ya it wasnt a very productive day for us but maybe someone will find the card in their purse later:) 

The next day, we had district meeting and Elder  hutchings had just gotten back from zone leader council in Vlad, which Sis Brinton called War Council. Awesome I know. We set goals about each companionship getting 1 more person back each week to try and build our sac meeting attendance from 13 (including 6 missionaries) to 25 by the end of Jan. We had a Break-the Fast after church and from calling the entire list of women, had 2 less actives come! Success! We had 21 in sac too. What!! Haha we are going to start having weekly activities and I feel a little singles wardish but whatever works. We were able to find 2 more less actives this week and meet them so slowly but surely we'll get there!

Oh and story of the week. Mom, you asked about my red face. So that night after talking to you, my nose turned white at a bus stop. Like not pale but i guess like it looked like i had cream on it. So the member we were with got mad at me and made me cover my face. Then later, a less active's mom asked what kind of lotion i used and explained that moisterizer is the worst thing i can do here cuz the wind takes all the moisture out of your skin and then it can freeze on your face or something. So i bought new "protectant" lotion. Maybe it will help. Anyway, its a funny story to me. 

Hope you all are doing well!


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