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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Happy halloween all! 

Its a beautiful day here in Utah and while i was looking forward to Operation Acclimation in getting ready for Russia, I'll take it while I can. Speaking of Russia... I just found out this morning that I'm not leaving til the 26th. We had heard last night on one elder being delayed but this morning our district leader ran into us and said everyone except for missionaries going to moscow and ukraine are getting delayed. most others though are leaving on the 22, i think thanksgiving, and vlad missionaries are the 26th. Something to do with the visas, the Church is trying to get it where we only have to leave the country every 6 months or never so i guess they are reworking our visas. I was excited about the prospect of going to South Korea but we'll see how it works out. Not that South Korea is the biggest thing on my mind right now but in all, I'm taking the news quite well. Its a bummer because mentally we are all ready to head out and talk to real Russians but the MTC is awesome so I might as well take every opportunity to learn as much as I can here. And now, I'll get turkey on Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how this affects everything as far as companions in Vlad and the womens conference I was super looking forward to but we'll see when I find out more. We haven't been to class yet or anything but the travel office did tell us that most people were leaving on the 22 if not the 12th so im not sure if the next few weeks just turn into personal study time or what brett called mdt. I'll let you know more when i find out. But don't worry about me! I'm surviving the MTC! Pray for Elder Schneider, the only elder going to vlad, i think he may go crazy with us sisters for so long haha

Anyway, tonight Sister Christensen and I get to demonstrate "How to Begin Teaching" for the new missionaries coming in today.  We got a note on our desk last week and monday we went to a meeting to explain, basically it the same thing they did for us when we came in. All the new missionaries are in a room with an "investigator" youre meeting for the first time and then missionaries come in to talk to them for a few minutes and then the moderator tells them to leave and all the new missionaries critique them. eek! While im a little nervous it really is an answer to prayers. We both wanted to focus on our spiritual preparation and not get bogged down with the language so this is one way to do it! When we practiced monday, they basically said the only thing you need to do is love the people and then they are just your friend. And i love it! Its so fun talking to new people and finding out what they are struggling with and how the gospel can help them. Cuz it can help everyone! 

Also, no one else may care but this Sunday i accompanied for an elder singing in church. I've done it before just out of the hymn book but he gave me real music thursday so i only had friday and sat to practice for like an hour. It went a lot better than expected until there was a mix up with the page turn at the end. I just assume that sis christensen can read my mind at this point. but it was fun to play the piano! i love music and its the quickest way to bring the spirit to any meeting!

Sorry if this was an undescriptive letter, all the stories start to feel the same. But know that I know this Church is true, I love my Savior and know He understands me more than I understand myself! I'm grateful for the time I have to be here and for the Spirit that is felt here everyday. I love the chance I get to read the Book of Mormon so much and it seriously has the answer to any question. I love you all and have a great week!

Sister Allison

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